Thursday, June 21, 2012


Hmm.. I'm thinking..maybe I should get on with the music video subbing project..but last time I used Adobe Premier and it was no good at all..too many problems.. 

this time I'll try to do Sony, how am I going to use this thing..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

(Anime) MELL - Red Fraction ( Black Lagoon OP)

Genre : JRock
Language : Japanese

01. MELL - Red Fraction

(Anime) Nakagawa Shoko - Sorairo Days (Tengen Toppa Gurren OST)

Genre : Jrock
Language : Japan

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

New Column

this blog is dedicated to Japan and Korea music lovers..but I had in mind that majority of you all also love japan anime musics right?so then..I decided to make a pole at facebook..and the result is quite then..I'll try to make a column for anime and update all new songs for you guys out there..keep supporting this blog kay..

Monday, August 29, 2011

(Korea) Super Junior - You are The one

Language : Korea
Genre : Kpop

01. You are The One

(Korea) SS501 - If You Can't

Language : Korea
Genre : Kpop

01. If You Can't

(Japan) Amuro Namie - Checkmate!

Language : Japanese
Genre : Jpop

01. Wonder Woman – Amuro Namie feat. AI & Tsuchiya Anna
02. make it happen – Amuro Namie feat. AFTER SCHOOL
03. #1 – Amuro Namie feat. Kawabata Kaname (CHEMISTRY)
04. UNUSUAL – Amuro Namie feat. Yamashita Tomohisa
05. BLACK OUT feat. Lil Wayne & Namie Amuro – VERBAL
06. FAKE – AI feat. Amuro Namie
07. ROCK U feat. Amuro Namie – ravex
08. BLACK DIAMOND – DOUBLE x Amuro Namie
09. Do What U Gotta Do feat. AI, Amuro Namie & Mummy-D – ZEEBRA
10. Luvotomy – m-flo loves Amuro Namie
11. Do or Die feat. Amuro Namie – JHETT
12. AFTER PARTY feat. Amuro Namie – ZEEBRA
13. Wet’N Wild feat. SUITE CHIC (Amuro Namie) – Heartsdales

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